First Tracks - Ski Resort Les Arcs – France

Let's meet again on December 10, 2022!

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What is First Tracks

The ski area offers you the chance to enjoy freshly-groomed pistes every Wednesday morning. In case of bad weather, First Tracks will be postponed till Friday. Starting from Arc 1600, 1800, 1950 and 2000, you meet on the slopes to make your first tracks at sunrise, ending with breakfast in one of the resort’s mountain restaurants.

What happens? 

 +  6.30 am: Your alarm goes off …
Your eyes are prickly, you’re having trouble remembering why you’re inflicting such an early alarm call on yourself while you’re on holiday.

 +  7.30 am: Meet up on the snow front with the piste patrol.

 +  7.45 am: Head off  to the slopes.

 +  8.00 am: You’re at the top!
The sun’s first rays are licking the top of Mont Blanc, which slowly turns pale pink. You’re then alone in the ski area, ready to launch yourself onto the freshly-groomed pistes. The spectacle is unique. It’s time to make your first tracks and feel the snow sliding under your ski tips.

 +  9.00 am: It’s time to go in search of your final reward for getting up so early, breakfast in a mountain restaurant.


Book your First Tracks:

Registration and valid ski Pass required. Booking is open until 2.00 pm a day before.


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