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Testez-vous au ski de randonnée pour parcourir la montagne autrement !

Try ski touring for a different way of getting about the mountains!

Ski touring is the way to get up the steep slopes at the heart of the Alpine landscape like a mountaineer. «Seal skins» fitted under the skis for the climb enable you to lift your heel and turn happily!
There’s no need to panic when going downhill. All you have to do is take off the skins, lock the heels and enjoy Alpine skiing as you know it.

As for equipment?

You will need:

 A pair of light and above all short touring skis

 A pair of the ski touring bindings

 A pair of ski touring boots

  Self-adhesive seal skins

 Hiking equipement such as a ruckack for carrying your skis if necessary, suitable clothing...

 Not forgetting: shovel, probe et ARVA for when you venture off the marked pistes


Trouver un accompagnateur en ski de randonnée :

Parcours de ski de randonnée à Peisey-Vallandry : Les Verdaches

Les Verdaches - Ski touring tracks in the Peisey-Vallandry area

Départ du télésiège de Parchey
Les Arcs

04 79 04 24 00

Voir le site internet


The route starts at the start of the Parchey chairlift, then follows the forest road to the start of the Combe ski lift, climbs through the forest and ends at the top of the Grizzly chairlift.
The entire ascent is off the marked trails.
The descent is made on the slopes open to the public.
Users must be equipped with a helmet and a headlamp.

Pas de disponibilités renseignées.

Période d’ouverture

From 12/12 to 15/04 between 8.15 am and 3.45 pm.

Subject to snow conditions.


Free of charge.

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