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  4. L'Aiguille Rouge

L'Aiguille Rouge

With its peak at over 3226m, the Aiguille Rouge reveals a breath-taking 360° panoramic view !

On foot or on skis, you can discover the Italian Alpine Chain, Mont Pourri, the Pierra Menta, not forgetting the magnificent Mont Blanc facing you.

To get there from Arc 1800 if you’re on skis, you just need to :

+  take the Transarc telecabin

+  ski down to the Varet telecabin

+  then go up in the Aiguille Rouge cable car which will take you right to the top and you’re there !

From Arc 2000, nothing could be simpler, go to the Varet telecabin, then the Aiguille Rouge cable car !

Easy, isn’t it ? 😉

Don’t forget your camera, you could regret it! 📷


A walkway to plunge you into the void 

A great new addition for the 2018/2019 season, a walkway has been installed so that everyone can admire the exceptional beauty of the Alpine Chain. Access is free for people on foot, children and skiers and the Walkway is several tens of metres long, bordered with a glass safety rail at the end of each overhang. Impressive !

On one side, the outlook embraces the Alpine Chain in all its splendour. On the other, you overlook the Hauts de Villaroger Nature Reserve, an wilderness where protected flora and fauna flourish. In conjunction with the ONF (national forestry office), an educational trail has been set up to inform visitors and make them aware of the reserve’s natural treasures.

ARC 1950 - ARC 2000

Winter 2019 - 2020

From 22/12/19 to 04/01/2010:00 - 16:00
From 05/01/20 to 08/02/2010:00 - 16:15
From 09/02/20 to 25/04/2010:00 - 16:35
+ Reserve your immediate boarding for faster access to the top of the Aiguille Rouge.
Aiguille Rouge Immediate Boarding

!  Pedestrian access only after purchasing a ticket at a point of sale.