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Get the most out of the summer area on a mountain e-bike

Whether you want to go on a gentle contemplative ride or to cover as much distance as you can, the routes you can take on a mountain e-bike will allow you to get the most out of a good breath of fresh air in the summer area.

What's an e-bike ?

It’s an ordinary bike to which an electric motor, a battery, an electronic regulator and a control box to adjust the level of assistance have been added.

So, is it too easy with an E-bike?

Not at all. The motor is only to assist the pedal power electrically. The cyclist still has to turn the pedals to activate the electric assistance.

You can have up to 4 possible levels of assistance and it is perfectly possible to ride without any assistance.

Par contre, il faut noter qu'un VTT électrique est plus lourd qu'un vélo traditionnel, parfois jusqu'à 20kg de plus.

On the other hand, you should be aware that an E-bike is heavier than a traditional bike, sometimes by as much as 20kg.

Where can you ride one ?

The Les Arcs Peisey Vallandry area has 3 trails suitable for riding an E-bike:

- 1 green: Le Vallon de Rosuel
- 1 blue : La Route 66
- 3 red : Hot Wheels, Lake District, Le Tour de l’Aiguille Grive 

Using the electric assistance enables the rider to cover greater distances and to ride from one location to another. We recommend that you are vigilant on these trails as you can meet riders on their way up as well as down.


Where can you rent your E-bike ?



Le GRAND magasin branché ski, snow, bike et skate de la vallée !

Avenue du Stade, Parking Mc Donald's

04 79 07 07 61

Voir le site internet


Bienvenue dans notre magasin Laboshop de Bourg Saint Maurice. Jonathan, Claire, Ludo et toute leur équipe vous accueilleront et vous conseilleront dans le choix de votre équipement de ski, snowboard, skate et vélo; tout ça réuni dans une ambiance chaleureuse et décalée.
Retrouvez le meilleur des marques telles que Burton, Volcom, Billabong, Ruca, Element, Obey, The North Face, Patagonia, Van's, DC, Nike, Adidas, Vans et pleins d'autres.

Pas de disponibilités renseignées.

Période d’ouverture

All year round.


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  • Mountainbike hire
  • Battery assisted mountain bike rental