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Let's meet again on June 11, 2022 !

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The results

Last January we let you have your say about more responsible mountains. As a result of this initiative, we have gathered 375 replies (reasons) to move forward together. You will find the top 5 subjects which arose most frequently when we re-read all of your ideas.


Waste is the subject that has come up most frequently. How do we reduce and limit waste in our resort ?

You have talked to us about bottle banks, re-cycling bins in the resorts and in the ski area, pocket ashtrays, collecting ski equipment, expanding the number of water points in the ski area, card-free digital lift passes, no plastic packaging, redistributing food waste …



Your second biggest concern was knowing how to make the best use of the energy we expend and how to harness renewable energy.

You have mentioned installing solar panels on the ski lifts, renovating buildings to make them  more energy efficient, installing LED’s in our public spaces, using the snow canons’ water system to generate electricity, favouring “snow farming” over artificial snow, turning off lights whenever we can …



As you know, transport is the most sensitive topic for a tourist destination.

You have suggested increasing the use of our funicular, offering products that are more attractive to pedestrians and residents,  extended opening hours, a fleet of electric buses, a car-sharing area in the valley, price reductions for people using alternative means of transport such as car-sharing...



You would like more information on water-management at home, recycling and waste collection, preserving our area and its mountains and to be able to benefit from more footpaths and ski-touring routes …



We are sharing the most restricted content with you in all transparency, but isn’t a responsible resort one which prefers dialogue, shared responsibility and collective action over punitive action? We’re touching on a philosophical subject here. You have 4 hours to answer. 😉

  «Making snow whiter»

  «Setting up ski squads to punish people on the slopes»

  «Increasing the number of local police officers and issuing more tickets»

  «No more sound / music systems in backpacks»

  «Banning smoking on the ski lifts»


What’s the next step?

At the beginning of October, we will reveal the first actions we have taken as a result of your replies …