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Our tourist Labels


The resort of les Arcs has landed the Green Snowflake label after a fairly long process which lasted almost a year.
The award committee, Mountain Ridersthe association which awards the label, gave its final ruling on Monday 7 December and awarded les Arcs the eagerly expected Green Snowflake label.
+ Further details about this award..

Offices de Tourisme de France

The Bourg Saint Maurice Les Arcs Tourist Office was classified as category 1 in December 2019 for 5 years.
Classifying Tourist Offices in this way ensures that the services offered to visitors by Tourist Offices are consistent in destinations throughout France.

Qualité Tourisme Label

The Tourist Office’s Qualité Tourisme (tourist quality)award was renewed in 2020 (after 2014 and 2017).
The award is granted to Tourist Offices who guarantee their visitors a personalised service and welcome.
+ For full details of the commitments and guarantees provided by the « Qualité Tourisme TM » award.




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