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Let's meet again on June 11, 2022 !

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Our commitment came into being at the same time as les Arcs

From the very beginning, our ski resort was designed as a destination with the emphasis on its environment and its accessibility.

Proof of this lies in the way the buildings are integrated into the slope to preserve the view and the outlook from the pistes. All the apartments were designed to highlight the outdoor scenery and living «outdoors indoors».

Les Arcs offers a scenic experience from your sofa with the view of the mountains on one side and over the valley towards Mont Blanc on the other.


Secondly, all the resorts in les Arcs are pedestrian and car-free. Everyone can freely use the snow-covered trails and walk the summer paths.

Lastly, since 1988 we have had an alternative transport system in the form of our electric funicular and its connection with the international railway station in Bourg Saint Maurice.

This makes us the only mountain destination that is fully  pedestrianised right from your accommodation.

This is a major point given that transport has the most significant impact for a tourist destination.