Notre plan d'action - Ski Resort Les Arcs – France

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The ski area’s workforce is making every effort to implement daily improvements in the field of sustainable development. Step by step, bit by bit, the staff are looking for new ways and new projects to preserve the environment, reduce energy consumption and increase the awareness of visitors.


In close collaboration with the VanoiseNationalPark, the ski area was one of the first to set up protected areas for the Black Grouse enabling them to hibernate and reproduce undisturbed. Suitable locations have been identified with the help of the Observatoire de l’environnement (environmental observatory) allowing the study and mapping of the flora and fauna in the ski area since 2012


As biodiversity is varied, it is essential to protect it from litter left by tourists every year. As a result the ski area has formed a partnership with Tree6clope to collect and recycle cigarettes ends. The aim is also to reduce plastic waste by encouraging skiers to favour Les Arcs water instead of bottled water. To facilitate this choice, water points will be installed in a number of locations on the ski area.



The teams’ ambition is to build the ski area’s first high performance chalet. This structure will be a model of permeability and insulation and will enable energy consumption to be reduced by half compared to a standard construction. The Lanchettes chairlift chalet in Arc 2000 will be the pilot for this ambitious project which will then be rolled out across the ski area.

Whilst optimisation of resources is essential, the ski area’s ambition is to expand its renewable energy systems. Currently there are 60 solar panels installed on the Varet and Aiguille Rouge lifts. Studies are also being carried out to identify the hydro-electric potential of our artificial snow installations, which could produce up to 20% of the electricity used by the ski area.

Where the environment is concerned, no action is too small. The piste-grooming machine drivers are fully aware of this and every night they apply eco-driving principles to significantly reduce fuel consumption.

The ski area is also making every effort to make the right snow using measurement systems which incorporate meteorological data, the altitude, the topology and the number of people using the pistes. This meticulous management enables the right quantity to be made at the right time and in the right place to ensure good quality snow coverage from the beginning to the end of the season.


Events dedicated to environmental awareness are being organised during the winter season in partnership with the Vanoise National Park, the Upper Villaroger National Nature Reserve and the Office National des Forêts (UK = Forestry Commission). 

Every week, the ski area invites visitors to go behind the scenes of the snow-making process through an educational tour organised by the snow-makers, true masters of snow-manufacturing. 

All the ski area’s documentation is printed on recyclable paper from sustainably managed forests. Messages to raise awareness are visible throughout the clients’ stay to remind them to respect the environment.