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 Ludivine MARTIN

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La Trace des Ducs de Savoie (TDS) & Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB)

Trace des Ducs de Savoie (TDS)

August 29

 Stage in Bourg Saint Maurice. A race of 119 km and 7 200 m elevation gain between Courmayeur and Chamonix.

 Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB)

August 31

Going through the commune of Bourg saint ...

Mountain Agriculture Show

August 19 & 20 - 6th edition

Bourg Saint Maurice organises a real celebration of mountain agriculture every summer.

Over 100 exhibitors, fun familyfriendly workshops, games and entertainment for kids, local products… Comedian Jean-Michel ...

Nocturne des Ruelles

August 10

Urban ATV Race

Relay by 2, this mountain bike race takes you through the winding streets of Bourg Saint Maurice, on a course full of surprises and fantasies.

Course of 1/2 hours for children

1 hour course for adults

A rugged ...

French Canoe Kayak Championships

July 21st - 29th

On the white-water course in Bourg Saint Maurice, recognized internationally as one of the most technical courses on the circuit, the top French athletes will be competing in the Slalom category, one of the most demanding ...

KV des Forts

July 21 & 22

A timed trail race that covers 4 km and 1029 m elevation gain.

The race has a time trial start in front of the Town Hall in Bourg Saint Maurice with the runners leaving at 30 second intervals. The competitors then go to the r...

Tour de France

July 18 & 19

For its 105th edition, the Tour de France has decided to come back to the upper Tarentaise and will be going through Bourg Saint Maurice not once, but twice, during the 11th and 12th stages!

These two stages have already been...

Académie Festival de Musique des Arcs

Les Arcs Music Festival Academy

July 15th - August 1st

A cultural event not to be missed out of the abundance of summer festivals on offer, the Les Arcs Festival Academy is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year !

Over the two weeks, ...

Fête de l'Edelweiss


July 15

International Folklore Festival, a show without any equal in Savoy, between authenticity and tradition !

This year again, the streets of Bourg Saint Maurice will resonate with the sound of different mountain folk groups for the ...


July 14th and 15th

Regional Cup, the Les Arcs downhill race. Between the undergrowth, passages of rocks and cleared land with slopes ... l’Arcadienne offers beautiful sensations !

Open to adults but with a simplified kids’ version for und...

Vertical K2 Villaroger - Les Arcs

July 8

4th edition of a trail race that is the only French stage of the Europe K2 Cup, a European challenge of doubles vertical kilometers !

Departure : Villaroger (Le Pré 1 220 m altitude), at 9.30am

Arrival : at the summit of l’Aiguil...

10 good reasons for coming to Bourg Saint Maurice | les Arcs


To try a multitude of activities

To get your fill of thrills

To reconnect with nature

To share great moments

To recharge your batteries

To tee off with a view of Mont Blanc

To cool off

To enjoy a plethora of events

To discover a r...

Pratical Info

Les Arcs opening dates : July 7th - September 1st

Pre-opening of the summer area : June 30th - July 1st

FFCT - Approved Bike Park

11 lifts

South-east exposure, maximum sunshine

Summer Area from 800 m to 3 226 m in altitude

A 2 - cour...

Key Summer Events 2017/2018


Vertical K2 Villaroger - Les Arcs

July 8

Vertical Trail, the only French stage of the European K2 Cup


July 14th and 15th

Mountain bike race open to adults, but also for children under 13, with a simplified track

Fête d...

Film My Day

Группа Chalet Des Neiges ,

специализирующаяся на строительстве

туристических объектов класса люкс,

совместно с группой Mountain Group

Lodge, открывает первый в Лез Арк

пятизвездочный отель.

Отель идеально расположен в верхней

части к...


Culture, traditions, légences, architecture... Ecoutez la vallée vous conter son histoire.



• Arc 1600, une signature d’architecture

Une station moderne, fonctionnelle et intégrée dans le paysage de montagne....



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Особенности архитектуры

Архитектурные ансамбли  Арк 1600 и Арк 1800 получили категорию «Культурное наследие ХХ века» как яркий пример современного градостроительства, гармонично сочетающегося с окружающей горной природой. Станция была создана в 1968 году согласно ...


С учетом необходимости решения определенных задач в разрезе туристического характера экономики горнолыжного курорта, Лез Арк взял курс на расширение своего предложения по размещению гостей. Для этого два года  ADS (зона катания Лез Арк/Пейз...