Les Arcs Bourg Saint Maurice Tourisme (hereinafter referred to as the «Organising Company») registered at the company and business registry under number: 52333692300017, the registered office of which is situated at 366 route de Pinon, 73700 BOURG-SAINT-MAURICE, is organising, from 8 November to 8 December 2017, a free competition without obligation to purchase entitled: “Les Fondus du ski” (hereinafter referred to as «the Competition»), in accordance with the provisions of these regulations. The competition will be accessible from the les Arcs web site, from the web sites of several partners, on various social media and on mobiles. This exercise is neither organised nor sponsored by Facebook, Google, Apple or Microsoft. The personal details collected are for the use of the Organising Company and not Facebook, Google, Apple or Microsoft. These regulations set out the rules to be applied to the Competition. Should one or more of the provisions of these regulations be rendered void or not be applied, either temporarily or permanently, the organisers will continue to apply the other clauses of the regulations, which will remain fully effective.


    The Competition is open to any individual, adult or minor, hereinafter referred to as « the Entrant » with access to the internet and a valid e-mail address. Entries from minors are subject to prior consent from a parent or guardian, who will ensure that the entrant complies with these regulations. Persons having played a part in the organisation, promotion or production of the Competition and members of their families (spouses, partners, direct antecedents and descendants, brothers and sisters) are excluded. Entry is strictly personal and cannot be transferred. The Organising Company will not accept any entry on behalf of a third party. To enter, entrants must connect to the lesarcs.com web site and expressly accept the general conditions of this web site. Every entrant is required to provide a surname and first name as well as a valid e-mail address and a postal address to enable the “Organising company” to contact them. Every entrant declares that they have read and fully understood the rules of the Competition on the afore-mentioned interface. The Organising Company reserves the right to refuse any entry made on an incomplete form or on a form other than that provided for by these regulations. The Organising company reserves the right to request an entrant, at any time, to provide such documentary evidence as it deems necessary to validate the entry (surname, first name(s), address, parental consent, etc.). Any person not fulfilling the conditions of entry or who refuses to provide proof with 48 (forty-eight) hours of receiving a request to provide the documentary evidence necessary to validate the entry may not, should they win, be awarded any prize.


    The competition will only be accessible by internet, from 8 November to 8 December 2017 through the official les Arcs web site: lesarcs.com. To take part in the Les Fondus du ski competition, the entrant will have to find the fondu dishes concealed on the lesarcs.com web site. In total, there will be 3 items to find. Clues will be issued to help the entrant in their task. Only one entry per person is permitted: the same surname, first name, e-mail address or IP (Internet Protocol). To validate their entry in the Fondus du ski Competition, entrants must provide information relating to their account and find at least one item.


    The prizes to be played for and won at random are attributed as follows: 1 item found: • 50 Les Arcs ski hats (50 winners) 2 items found: • 2 Les Arcs- Peisey-Vallandry weekly lift passes (1 single winner, value 600€) • Their weight in Beaufort sent monthly over 1 year (1 single winner) 3 items found: • 1 short break for 2 people (3 nights) including accommodation in an apartment, 2 x 3-day les Arcs Peisey Vallandry lift passes and 2 premium entries to the Aquafun Centre in Arc 1800 total value 1000€ - 1 single winner, holiday to be taken during winter 17/18 outside school holidays. • 1 week’s holiday for 4 people (7 nights) for 2 people including accommodation in an apartment, 2 x 3-day Les Arcs Peisey Vallandry lift passes and 2 premium entries to the Aquafun Centre in Arc 1800 total value 1000€. (1 winner) An entrant who finds all 3 items will first be entered in the draw for holidays, if they do not win, they will play for the lift passes or their weight in Beaufort and lastly for the ski hats. The value of the prizes is determined at the time these regulations are drawn up and their valuations may not be challenged. All costs incurred after the competition notably for the maintenance and wear and tear of the prizes are entirely at the winner’s expense. Prizes may not be exchanged either for other prizes nor their value nor any other goods or services. The Organising Company and its partners reserve the right to replace these prizes for prizes of the same value and of similar characteristics should circumstances so require and may not be held responsible.


    To take part in the competition and win one the prizes, the internet user must provide details relating to their account. Entries on an incomplete form and/or including incomplete or false contact details will not be considered and will result in the elimination of the entry. Similarly, non-compliance with these regulations as well as any fraud or attempted cheating, by whatever means, will quite simply result in the author’s elimination.


    The entrant must fully and correctly complete the information form. The player is advised and accepts that the details entered on the entry form are deemed proof of their identity.


    Winners will be notified directly after the draw at the end of the Competition. The Organising Company does not accept responsibility for delays caused by la Poste (Post Office) in sending the prize(s) or for any defects, theft or damage to the prize occurring in transit. Material prizes: should their participation result in a win as described in these regulations, winners will receive an e-mail with all the necessary information relating to delivery. The Organising Company will take care of the delivery or posting which will take place within 8 weeks following the random selection. The Organising Company does not accept responsibility for sending the prizes to an incorrect address due to the winner’s negligence. Should it not be possible to deliver the prizes to the recipient for whatever reason outside the control of the Organising Company (the winner having moved house without updating their address etc.) they will remain definitively the property of the Organising Company. Should the prize be returned undelivered, it will remain available to the entrant for 15 days, after which time they will no longer be able to claim it. Winners undertake to accept the prizes as offered without the option to exchange them notably for cash, other goods or services of any sort whatsoever or to transfer them to a third party. Similarly, prizes may not be the subject of compensation claims. The Organising Company reserves the right, should an event arise outside its control, notably relating to providers or unpredictable circumstances, to replace the prizes announced with prizes of equivalent value. The winner will be kept informed of any changes.


    Entrants’ details are recorded and used by the Organising Company as a record of their participation in the competition and to enable prizes to be attributed. Entrants may, for legitimate reasons, object to the processing of their personal details provided for the purposes of the competition. They also have the right to object to their use for marketing purposes outside their participation in this Competition and may signal their objection from the time of their entry by writing to the Organising Company at the address mentioned in paragraph 1. The winner(s) authorise(s) the Organising Company to use for publicity or public relations purposes their details (surname, first name), in whatever form, without any remuneration, right or benefit whatsoever other than the prize In accordance with the law on digitally held data and freedom of information of 6 January 1978, any entrant has the right to require the correction, completion, clarification, updating or deletion of any details concerning them which is inaccurate, incomplete, equivocal or outdated by writing to the Organising Company at the address mentioned in paragraph 1.


    In accordance with the provisions of paragraph L. 121-36 of the consumers’ code, access to the web site and entry to the Competition offered on that site are completely free so the cost of connection to the site incurred by the entrant will be refunded according to the terms below: - One single refund per month and per household (same name, same postal address) - Entrants resident in France only. As internet providers currently offer users free or fixed limit connection, it is expressly agreed that any access to the site made on a free or fixed limit basis will not entitle the entrant to any refund, in so far as the subscription to the provider’s services contracted by the user is for their general internet use and the user does not incur any additional cost or fee as a result of connecting to the site and participating in the Competition. Connection costs will be refunded when the connection is invoiced pro rata to the duration of the connection. Where a connection is subject to a set payment for a limited time and, over that time, is invoiced pro rata to the duration of the connection, the cost of connection to the site will be refunded to the entrant once it is established that the entrant has exceeded the fixed price time limit available and that the time limit was exceeded due to the connection to the site. To obtain the refund of their connection costs as well as the cost of posting their refund request, the entrant must write the Organising Company within one month of the expense being incurred, the post mark serving as proof of the posting date, with a written request on plain paper containing the following details: - surname, first name and personal postal address - dates, times and durations of connections to the site - a copy of the detailed bill from the telephone operator and/or internet provider to which the entrant subscribes, showing the dates, times and durations of the connections to the site. The cost of postage of the request for a refund of the connection costs will be refunded on request based on the postal rates in force. The cost of connection to the site to participate in the Competition will be refunded by cheque within two months of the receipt of the entrant’s request.


    The regulations may be viewed on the following site: lesarcs.com They can be sent free of charge (stamp refunded on request) to anybody requesting them from the Organising Company. The Organising Company reserves the right to extend, shorten, modify or cancel the competition at any moment, notably in the event of force majeure, with no entitlement to compensation accruing to the entrants. The reproduction, representation and exploitation of all or part of the elements comprising the Competition, including these regulations, are strictly forbidden. All brands, logos, texts, images, videos and other distinctive signs reproduced on the site as well as on sites to which the former grants access via hyperlinks are the exclusive property of their holders and as such are protected worldwide by the provisions of the intellectual property code. Their unauthorised reproduction constitutes pirating liable to criminal sanctions. Any unauthorised reproduction, total or partial, of these brands, logos and signs constitutes pirating liable to criminal sanctions. Participation in this Competition implies full and complete acceptance by entrants of these regulations.


    The Organising Company does not accept responsibility in the event of force majeure or chance events outside its control. The Organising Company does not accept responsibility for delays, losses, thefts, damage in the post, illegible post marks due to the postal services. Nor will it accept responsibility and no appeal may be made for any events occurring that display the characteristics of force majeure (strikes, bad weather etc.) which partially or totally deprive entrants of the opportunity to take part in the Competition and/or winners from benefitting from their winnings. Neither the Organising Company nor its service providers or partners accept responsibility in any case for any incidents which may occur when prizes are used by beneficiaries or their guests once the winners have taken possession of them. Similarly, neither the Organising Company, nor its service providers or partners, accept responsibility for the loss or theft of prizes by the beneficiaries once the winners have taken possession of them. Any additional cost necessary for the winners to take possession will be entirely at the expense of the winners who will not be entitled to any refund from the Organising Company or the service providing companies or partners.


    These regulations are governed by French law. The Organising Company reserves the right to arbitrate without appeal on any difficulty which may arise concerning the interpretation or application of these regulations, it being understood that no objection will be accepted notably on the terms of the Competition, the results, the prizes or their receipt, one month after the end of the Competition. Except in the case of manifest error, it is agreed that the information from the Organising Company’s competition systems have the force of evidence in any dispute over connection aspects and digital processing of the said information relating to the Competition All claims must be sent to the Organising Company within one month following the date of the end of the Competition. No claims will be accepted after this date. Participation in the Competition implies complete acceptance of these regulations.


    By express agreement between the entrant and the Organising Company, the Organising Company’s systems and data base will be the sole proof. The data base, held in the Organising Company’s digital systems in conditions of reasonable security and reliability, is deemed to be proof of contact and correspondence between the Organising Company and the entrant. It is consequently agreed that, except in the case of manifest error, the Organising Company will be able to make use, notably as proof of any act, fact or omission, of the programmes, data, files, recordings, operations and other elements (such as monitoring reports or other records) of a digital or electronic nature or in digital or electronic format, established, received or preserved directly or indirectly by the Organising Company, notably in its digital systems. Accordingly, the elements in question constitute proof and if they are produced by the Organising Company as means of proof in any procedure, contentious or otherwise, they will be admissible, valid and may be objected to between the parties in the same way, under the same terms and with the same force of evidence as any document which has been established, received or retained in writing. Operations of any sort carried out using a user name and password attributed to an entrant following their entry are irrefutably presumed to have been carried out under the entrant’s responsibility.