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Opening from Decembrer 15th 2018 to April 27th 2019

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Opening from Decembrer 15th 2018 to April 27th 2019


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  4. Printemps du Ski aux Arcs

Printemps du Ski aux Arcs

From 30th March to 27th April 2019

In April, it’s Skiing Springtime in les Arcs !

From 20 March, Les Arcs moves onto spring time. The days get a little longer, the temperature rises, the snow is soft … it’s the ideal time to come skiing as a family or to get into skiing amongst friends !

Original gatherings and festivities for everyone to leave winter behind in style and enjoy snow-riding under the radiant end-of-season sun. Welcome to Skiing Springtime made in Les Arcs !

More than just skiing, there are entertainments in the resort and in the ski area, fun and relaxation awaiting you. Yoga at altitude, concerts, waterslide, skiing challenges between friends...

To make the most of this period, we are also offering you some really good deals to celebrate the end of the winter season.


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