La Folie Douce débarque aux Arcs - Ski Resort Les Arcs – France

Let's meet again on December 10, 2022!

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From December 14th, 2019, La Folie Douce will be opening in Arc 1800. You will be able to get to the resort’s wildest party place by gondola, on skis or on foot, so there’s no excuse not to join in the fun!

The executive chef Franck Mischler has created a different culinary world for each of the 3 restaurants:

La Fruitière: top mountain cuisine! Creative cuisine that is a new version of all the local specialities without really altering them, highlighting local products in an authentic and original decor.
La Petite Cuisine: a chic selfservice restaurant! On the menu, gener ous quality cuisine served in a chic, atypical setting that combines the authenticity of wood and contemporary materials.
Le Butcher: the Folie Douce snack bar! For ski lovers who don’t want to lose a minute on the slopes. A place for those in a hurry, with quality fast food like burgers, sandwiches and waffles

Just like the other Folie Douce sites, the one in Les Arcs is adhering to an environmentally responsible approach. The restaurants prefer to use short circuit products from partnerships with local producers. Waste will be sorted on site. Cardboard compactors and glass crushers have been installed to reduce the initial volume by 5. Plastic consumption has also been considerably reduced by using cardboard straws and bags, glass bottles or metal cans which are much easier to recycle.

The buildings are also partly heated by the refrigerator units, so energy consumption is nearly zero.