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Let's meet again on December 10, 2022!

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By completing this quiz, you can find some recommendations for your mountain holiday based on your skier profile.

What colour piste do you prefer?

 Green: slowly but surely.
 Black: the Robert Blanc piste, with a 64% slope. Nerves of steel!
  Multicoloured:   Like the lettering on the Snowpark, reviewed by Lucas Beaufort.

Your lunchtime menu consists of:

 A ham & Beaufort sandwich, propped up on the plateforme de Comborcière.
 A good tartiflette, with a salad and a café gourmand. Ideally on a terrace facing Mont-Blanc
  Some energy bars for the chairlift and making up for it in the evening with a good dish of crozets.

Your dress-code :

 The essential: GoPro helmet. The rest doesn’t matter much.
 Trousers and jacket from "Picture". With their technical products made from re-cycled materials, you’re at the cutting edge.
 Shirt, woollen jersey, inner jacket, a pair of long-johns and a one-piece suit.
Not forgetting: scarf, woolly hat, mittens, sunglasses. The Michelin man, that’s you!

Your 3-word definition of skiing​​​​​​​ :

 Snow plough, sunbathing, snowflake.
 Schuss, « Aiguille Rouge », Après-ski!
 Freestyle, Kicker, BackFlip.

What’s in your backpack: ​​​​​​​

 A thermos of coffee and a packet of Pepitos.
 Spare battery, mobile connected to Yuge
 Sun cream, water bottle, spare lens for your goggles.

It’s going to snow this evening! What’s your reaction:

 «Are we going to make a snowman? Last chance before making the most of the fresh slopes tomorrow morning.»
 «Ready, Paulo? I want to go and try the “powpow” in the trees! »
«A log on the fire, a sweater and a hot chocolate »




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