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Top 10 des conseils pour n'avoir jamais froid

The thermometer is showing -10° this morning, so to avoid being frozen to the marrow and to enjoy your holiday, follow the guide!

Needless to say, dress up warmly when you go out. No matter how often we say that negative temperatures are invigorating,  you must not forget the well-known 3-layer rule. And it’s even better in the Picture !

Shelter from the cold in one of our chairlifts fitted with protective bubbles like the well-named « Arcabulle » + 5° guaranteed !

Go ski-touring and climb up as far as your legs will carry you. You’ll end up climbing in just a Tshirt, that’s a promise.

Refugiez-vous dans le chalet de Marmotte. L’alternative cosy et « au chaud » pour la pause de midi avec votre sandwich ou le goûter !

Take a break in the shelter of the snow factory in Arc 2000 and meet the snow producers.

Go straight into the trees to shelter from the wind. The les Arcs ski area also has kilometres of pistes in the forest.

Or avoid the shade and ski in the sun. From Arc 2000  to Arc 1600, you’ll have marks from your sunglasses at the end of the day.

Perspire in the saunas at the swimming pool in Arc 1800. There’s nothing like the hot/cold effect for the morale!

Try the various mountain bars and drink successive rounds of hot chocolates. And nothing else, they sayp

Do an après-ski Yeti dance at the Folie Douce or the Arpette.



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