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Annulation gratuite pour les réservations à la semaine jusqu'à 7 jours avant votre arrivée.
Remboursement automatique des réservations à la semaine prises jusqu'au 28 février 2021.

Réserver Maintenant

In Arc 1800, after taking your ticket at the entrance to the resort, you have 4 hours free parking in covered or open-air car parks. You can then choose the car park most convenient to your apartment building.

Thereafter, you must pay for your parking, including at the roadside. For your convenience, you can reserve one of the three covered car parks in the resort (Charvet, Villards and Charmettoger).

If you have not reserved your parking on line, you have the choice of Pre-Payment in the form of a season ticket or payment at the end of your stay (directly be credit/debit card at the exit terminals, at the various automatic payment points or in any car park reception office).
You then have one hour to leave the resort by one of the two exits.

If your parking is included with your accommodation, enquire at the reception in your apartment building when you arrive.
If you have a private parking space, stop at the Reception Chalet at the entrance to the resort.


Prices Covered: ARC 1800
First 4 hours0 €
1 day (24h)23,60 €
2 days (48h)41 €
3 days (72h)53 €
4 days (96h)65 €
5 days (120h)77 €
6 days (144h)89 €
7 days (168h)89 €
Lost ticket 160 €
Subscription 7 days (only on internet) 89 €

  +  Consult the rules of the Parking des Villards


Prices Exteriors: ARC 1800
First 2 hours 0 €
1 day (24h)19 €
2 days (48h)31 €
3 days (72h)43 €
4 days (96h)52,80 €
5 days (120h)62,40 €
6 days (144h)72 €
7 days (168h)72 €
Lost ticket 160 €

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