Ouverture domaine skiable du 10 décembre au 29 avril 2023 !

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À vos agendas !

Aux Arcs ou à Bourg Saint Maurice… quel que soit votre camp de base, la vie est rythmée autour de nombreux événements et animations toute l'année.

Pour tout connaître des temps forts, animations et jeux sur le domaine des Arcs, vous pouvez consulter et télécharger notre calendrier hebdomadaire sous format PDF ou vous le procurer dans les Offices de tourisme et chez vos commerçants !


La Montée du Funi des Arcs

The concept is simple: over a 6 hour period, complete the most amount of ascents by foot between Bourg Saint Maurice and Arc 1600 on a 3.5km course and 817m of positive elevation. Come back down the hill by the funicular before setting off for another round!

Parking du Funiculaire

04 79 07 12 57

Voir le site internet


Ready to take on the challenge of doing the steep 817m+ climb between Bourg Saint Maurice and the ski resort of Les Arcs as many times as possible in 6 hours?

This race takes you up a marked trail for the ascent before you descend back down to the start with the funicular. It's a truly unique event where each competitor shares moments together on the up, before resting their thighs on the down.
Open to all from elite runners, amateurs and hobbyists taking part, to families and friends that just want to come and cheer on their efforts. There are even flat kids' races for children aged 7 to 14 as well as activities and shows throughout the day!

+ 5.1km distance with 817m+ elevation over 6 hours, the descents are done by funicular - from 18+ years old:
- Solo
- Duo - climb together as a pair
- Relay - take turns with a partner

+ "La Montée Sèche" : One direct hill climb from Bourg Saint Maurice and Arc 1600 (16+ years old)
+The flat children's race: near the funicular - for children from 7 to 14 years old

- "La Montée du Funi" - Solo: 25€.
- "La Montée du Funi" - Duo: 25€ (per runner)
- "La Montée du Funi" - Relais: 17,50€ (per runner)
- "La Montée Sèche" - One direct hill climb: 8 €.
- Children's race, on the flat, at the parking lot : Free

Schedule, detailed course plan, rules and registration coming soon...

Période d’ouverture

Saturday 29 April 2023.


Prices not available.