Ouverture domaine skiable du 10 décembre au 29 avril 2023 !

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À vos agendas !

Aux Arcs ou à Bourg Saint Maurice… quel que soit votre camp de base, la vie est rythmée autour de nombreux événements et animations toute l'année.

Pour tout connaître des temps forts, animations et jeux sur le domaine des Arcs, vous pouvez consulter et télécharger notre calendrier hebdomadaire sous format PDF ou vous le procurer dans les Offices de tourisme et chez vos commerçants !


Les Arcs Film Festival

An unmissable cultural event, the Les Arcs Film Festival aims to push the diversity and development of the European film industry while offering a platform to a host of talented individuals that our continent has to offer.

Centre Bernard Taillefer
Arc 1800
Les Arcs

04 79 07 12 57

Voir le site internet


Located in one of the world's most beautiful ski areas, nestled in the heart of the Alps, the Les Arcs Film Festival is an opportunity to enjoy the spoils of the first snowfall while taking in the exciting cinema screenings throughout the day, all in the presence of directors and actors. Come and bask in this festive atmosphere filled with unforgettable evenings, entertainment, concerts and DJs!

Keep patient as we finalise the programme and special guests of this 14th edition of the Les Arcs Film Festival that takes place from December 10 to 17, 2022.

From small beginnings, the Les Arcs Film Festival has cemented itself a special place in the hearts of film lovers and film professionals and now offers multiple events within the event such as Masters Classes, concerts, DJ sets, ski competitions and unforgettable evenings.

More information: https://lesarcs-filmfest.com/fr

The highlight of the Festival:
The different film crews are present for most of the films screened. It is an opportunity for the public to chat with the directors and actors after the screening.
In Les Arcs the atmosphere is particularly relaxed. It is not uncommon to run into the actors within the village of Arc 1950 where all the Festival's VIPs are welcomed or even on the Slope of Fame where you can find their signed ski signs spread out across the village.

Période d’ouverture

From 10/12 to 17/12/2022, daily.


Prices not available.