Ouverture domaine skiable du 10 décembre au 29 avril 2023 !

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À vos agendas !

Aux Arcs ou à Bourg Saint Maurice… quel que soit votre camp de base, la vie est rythmée autour de nombreux événements et animations toute l'année.

Pour tout connaître des temps forts, animations et jeux sur le domaine des Arcs, vous pouvez consulter et télécharger notre calendrier hebdomadaire sous format PDF ou vous le procurer dans les Offices de tourisme et chez vos commerçants !


Les Arcs Ski2Bike

From skis to bikes, skiers race down the hill from the top before handing off the baton to their mountain bike teammate who continues the race to the bottom ! Ready for the new edition of this unique ski-bike relay in France? A race where adrenaline is guaranteed as skiers and mountain bikers descend from the top of Les Arcs to Bourg-Saint-Maurice!

Parking du Funiculaire

04 79 07 12 57

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What better way to celebrate the transition from winter to spring than by switching from skiing to cycling?
With its huge ski area, but also its varied mountain bike area in summer, Les Arcs had to link these two flagship activities of the resort.
All you have to do is find a partner and choose your side: handlebars or poles?

The races :

+ Individual race: Duathlon type.
Race open to categories: men or women.
Maximum 100 participants.

+ Team race: Relay in teams of 2, one on skis and the other on a mountain bike.
Race open to categories: men, women or mixed.
150 teams of 2 maximum.

Mass start after the slope closure at 5:45 p.m. (Summit of "Arpette" 2413m).
Arc 1600 mid-point relay handover (Ski & MTB equipment change).
Arrival in Bourg Saint Maurice.
1600m of negative elevation.
Track reconnaissance of the mountain bike route / ski route and training before the race.
Bike test village in the parking lot of the Bourg-Saint-Maurice funicular.

Période d’ouverture

Sunday 23 April 2023 at 5.40 pm.


Prices not available.