Ouverture domaine skiable du 10 décembre 2022 au 29 avril 2023 

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  1. Les Arcs


À vos agendas !

Aux Arcs ou à Bourg Saint Maurice… quel que soit votre camp de base, la vie est rythmée autour de nombreux événements et animations toute l'année.

Pour tout connaître des temps forts, animations et jeux sur le domaine des Arcs, vous pouvez consulter et télécharger notre calendrier hebdomadaire sous format PDF ou vous le procurer dans les Offices de tourisme et chez vos commerçants !


Torchlight descent world record attempt

Everyone is invited to participate to beat the world record for participating in a torchlight descent on the Arc 1800 ski area.

Les Arcs 1800

04 79 07 12 57


Will there be enough of us to beat the torchlight descent record which is currently 2887 skiers in 2016 and which is still held by Les Arcs. Several stations have tried to raise this record but for the moment no one has succeeded. Will we be able to beat our own record and thus consolidate our position?
A record is made to be broken and by participating everyone can become world champion, which does not happen every day!
See you on Wednesday February 22 at Arc 1800, a torch will be provided to you to shine in the night.
Participation in the Torchlight Descent World Record is free.
All skiers, as long as they have the technical level of the 2nd star (basic turns on parallel skis, skidding on blue and red slopes), are welcome to participate in this world record.
Bring very warm clothes and a helmet for children (also strongly recommended for adults).
Don't bring your ski poles, you won't need them since you'll be carrying a torch instead.

Pas de disponibilités renseignées.

Période d’ouverture

Wednesday 22 February 2023.


Free of charge.