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Opening from December 12 to April 30, 2021


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Opening from December 12 to April 30, 2021


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Winter Film Festival

FROM 5 TO 8 NOVEMBER 2020 ❄️

The Winter Film Festival has become the essential gathering for outdoor sports enthusiasts as well as for an uninitiated audience eager to explore and travel.

The festival is known for being a skilful blend of outdoor sports, adventures, music, encounters and sociability.

Whilst retaining its attachment to its home territory and its values, the Winter Film Festival is constantly seeking a wider base and new ideas and every year is a  little more receptive to new fields to satisfy an ever-expanding audience.

So, this year the event is launching an Academy to provide an introduction to  and / or improvement in outdoor sports which can be pursued in the open-air stadium that is the Upper Tarentaise.

Sharing, Freedom, Pleasure.... Welcome to the Winter Film Festival!


Films about all outdoor sports and a variety of prospects
A trade village with brand names, designers and associations connected with mountain sports
Two children’s villages with lots of entertainments
Conferences and masterclasses
Concerts and DJ sets to make the most of evenings with friends and family
NEW FOR 2020: An Academy to introduce participants to activities under the supervision of professionals in the sport.


Catch up with your athletes again at the Winter Film Festival, attended in 2020 by:

Kilian BRON, Hélias MILEROUX, Martin KERN, Tony LAMICHE, Eliot NOCHEZ, Jérémy PREVOST, Enak GAVAGGIO, Mathieu NAVILLOD, Aurélie GONIN, Dominique SNYERS, Bertrand CLAIR, Ugo TROUBAT


+  The Cœur d’Or cinema, for film screenings, the trade village, the DJ sets and part of the children’s village
+  The Cooperative Dairy village for the other part of the children’s village and the Academy
+  Espace La Scène - The Base Camp Lodge and the Alpa Mama for conferences, masterclasses and round tables




This is the great new feature of the 6th Winter Film Festival!

In a relaxed atmosphere, you will be able take part in a sports session with the leading athletes in their sports, all supervised by qualified professionals.

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, the sessions will be suited to your level. The pros will be unstinting with their advice and knowledge to help you get to know their sport and improve your own ability.

A moment for sharing like no other of its kind!

At the 1st Winter Film Festival Academy, you will find:

Trail Running attended by Martin KERN and Rémi BERCHET
Mountain Biking and EAB attended by Kilian BRON

To book your place at the Academy go to the Winter Film Festival website : http://www.winterfilmfest.com/

Screenings at the WINTER FILM FESTIVAL

The Cœur d’Or Cinema and the Winter Film Festival open their doors on Thursday 5 November at 8.00 pm with an opening showing (hors concours) of the film SLALOM attended by the film’s director, Charlène FAVIER. The film has just been awarded the prize for the best first French film at the American Film Festival in Deauville 2020.

From Friday to Sunday, with more than 40 sessions and a good one hundred films, once again there will be something for all tastes. A great many sports will be featured (kayak, trail running, mountain biking, mountaineering, skiing...) with stories and adventures from all over the world (Antarctica, Kamchatka, Canada, Kyrgyzstan, France...)

6 prizes will be awarded during the Winter Film Festival:

+  The Grand Prix du Festival with this year’s winner receiving a prize of 1,500€
+  Prize for the best documentary
+  Prize for the best short film
+  Prize for the best cinematography
+  Jury’s choice
+  Young jury’s choice

The Winter Film Festival jury will be made up of:

Chloé LECOMPTE, journalist - Bertrand CLAIR, telemark skier and winner of the Meije Derby - Martin KERN, trail runner and winner of the 6000D 2019 - David LACOTE, producer PVS Production - Romain RAISSON, Salomon community manager. In addition to this jury of professionals, there will be a young jury consisting of high-school students from Bourg Saint Maurice.

 Visit the Winter Film Festival ticket office on: http://www.winterfilmfest.com/


These dialogue sessions can take the form of conferences, masterclasses or round tables. The discussion groups are free, so you are advised to book because places are limited: http://www.winterfilmfest.com/

On this year’s programme:


+  Interview with Hélias MILLERIOUX - Piolet d’Or 2018 7.00 pm – The Coeur d’Or Cinema


+  «Being self-sufficient in the mountains to make the right decisions» with Tony LAMICHE 10.00 am - BC7
+  Proper preparation, precautions and AVD with Tony LAMICHE 11.00 am - BC7
+  «How do we see the mountains developing in the future?» with Thierry SERAY and Rodolphe CADOREY - CodeZero 2.30 pm - Espace La Scène
+  Looking ahead with imagination with the Agence PopRock 3.00 pm – the Alpa Mama
+  « History and development of the skiing film and how you can contribute» with Aurélie GONIN 5.00 pm - Espace La Scène
+  Nutrition and endurance sports with Paula ROY 5.30 pm – The Alpa Mama


+  Round table with the Une Bouteille à la Mer (message in a bottle) association 10.00 am - BC7
+  «How not to make a mess of your bike trip» with Florian BOUTEILLER and Antoine BUSSIER Sunday 8 November at 11.00 am - Espace La Scène
+  «How to mount an expedition, keeping the costs down rather than seeking sponsorship» with Dominique SNYES Sunday 8 November at 2.30 pm - Espace La Scène
+  Outdoor brands and destinations, time to commit. With the Agence PopRock Sunday 8 November at 5.00 pm - Espace La Scène


Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 November from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm, the Winter Film Festival has two villages for families. The first is by the Cœur d’Or cinema and the second in the Cooperative Dairy village.

There will be lots of entertainments for children. The villages will be supervised by volunteers but will be under parental responsibility

Entry to the children’s village will cost 5€ and will give access all day to all the entertainments on both sites.


Thursday 5 November from 9.00 pm: DJ Panic
Friday 6 November from 9.00 pm: DJ 48litresoffunk

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